Our company is specializing in supplying international markets with Meat, Fish and Fish Meal products.

Our meat offerings are chilled and frozen pork, beef and poultry, covering boning products, deboned meat and offals. Our fish product range includes most major fish types such as farmed fish, white fish, pelagic species  and other sea products like shell fish and squid.

We have a global network of partners with lasting records of cooperation and are always up-to-date to effectively support our partners' business. We do our best to ensure the quality of our services and are proud to see it acknowledged through expanding customer and supplier networks.


Through the years we have identified and set ourselves to uphold and act upon four major principles:

RELIABILITY: always delivering on commitments we go into with our partners, ensuring your supply chain stability

FLEXIBILITY: always in search of alternatives when market conditions are complicated or the situation has changed. If it has to be Plan-B, we will find a way 

CARE: personal approach to each and every transaction, making sure it is a success. Continuous contact with one of our sales / purchase representatives

TRUST: transparent rules and prices - no small print, no hidden costs or conditions. Our goal is to establish long-lasting relatioships, where partners can count on each other

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