Our company is specializing on fish meal supplies of highest quality standards.

Our manufaturing partners utilise latest technologies and ensure integrity of the production cycle from raw material to the final product.

Fish Meal is produced at on-shore fish meal factories which process fresh fish stock by grinding, boiling down and subsequent heat or steam drying.

Fish meal is then stabilizied by anti-oxidant  injection in order to prevent fats from oxidating and thus reducing the levels of lisine - a valuable and essential component of the final product.

We are in close contact with international surveyor companies who are able to perform thorough product testing and validate product composition



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Morocco - fish meal from pelagic species with 65% - 71% protein content

Maruritania: fish meal from Sardinella with at least 64% protein content

Argentina: fish meal from white fish species with 60% - 64% protein content

China: fish meal from pelagic species with 60% - 69% protein content

Chile: fish meal from pelagic species with 65% - 68% protein content