Our Suppliers are leading meat producers across the globe with well recognized brands, long standing production history and good reputation. The slaughterhouses, cutting plants and cold stores we work with guarantee quality and reliability

Our major supplying countries:

Europe: Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Serbia and Turkey. 

Latin America: Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay

North America: Canada

Our Clients are major meat processing plants, wholesalers and trading companies. We ship to Europe, Asia, China, Africa and Russia

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The following positions can be offered for PORK products. 


    • Collars bone in
    • Collars bone less


    • Shoulders bone in
    • Shoulders bone less - all cuts


    • Loin bone in
    • Loin bone less - all cuts


    • Bellies bone in rind on
    • Bellies bone less  - all cuts


    • Ham bone in
    • Ham bone less - all cuts


    • Livers
    • Hearts
    • Tongues
    • Kidneys
    • Diaphragm
    • Stomachs

    Sides / Ribs - all cuts / Shank bone in / Shank meat / Trimmings / Head trimmings / Fats / Rinds / Feet - all cuts / Tailbones

    The following positions can be offered for BEEF products. 

      Sides / Forequarters /Chuck and Blade / Flanks / Round Cuts / Shin and Shank / Trimmings / Head Trimmings / Feet / Hearts / Livers / Tongues

      The following positions can be offered for POULTRY products. 

        Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Grillers, Broiler

          Breasts All Types, Chicken Leg Quearters (CLQ), Thighs all types, Drumsticks, Wings all types, Necks, Backs all types, Carcasses, Tails, Skin, Livers, Hearts, Gizzards, MDM



          Other Meats: Goose, Rabbit, Horse, Mutton, Veal, Donkey - please ask one of our sales representatives to get a specific quote

          We offer tailor-made solutions, considering clients’ individual requirements which can be tailored for each individual order:

          • Cut type
          • Meat/fat ratio
          • Weight
          • Packaging type: IVP / Carton / Polyblock / Naked block 
          • Temperature: Frozen / Chilled 

          We do one-off on-demand deliveries, just as we can arrange a regular supply of specified quantities in a given timeframe for continuous production supplies

          Thanks to our close cooperation with logistic and transportation companies we can offer CIF (Cost, Insurance & Freight) & CPT (Carriage Paid to) delivery modes in a cost effective manner. Our logistical partners guarantee timely delivery, making sure you get your product on time. We negotiate storage terms with our suppliers, if you wish to pick up the product at later point of time.

          We ensure the freight documentation complies with the latest veterinary and customs legislation of the destination country before the goods leave the manufacturer's loading bay and closley monitor each individual delivery until you get your product.

          You can track your container's status here (have the container number ready):